Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So...remember when my car died? we were heading out to finish Noor's Birthday celebrations? did. And when it did, we bought a new(er) car...which we love. 
We kept Mr. Sir (as we so called him) around as we didn't know quite what to do with him. 

He could technically still run...but not well...nor reliably. And only if the A/C was off.
He just sat for a couple of months until we had found ourselves preparing to move to AZ. It ouwld have cost more than the worth of the car to tow it back to AZ. So we decided just to sell it. 

We listed it on Craigslist for $1000, anticipating that someone would low-ball us at 8-900 and we'd take the deal. We had a few interested parties that kept falling through before they'd come out to meet us. 
Then finally, someone DID show up. 
They took it for a test drive.
They came back and while happy with the ride, they told us that our engine light had come on.

"Great. " I thought. "Now we won't ever sell it. To the scrap yard he must go."

They worked on cars, so they popped the hood to find that a pipe/tube front he radiator was leaking  spurting a big way. He asked what we wanted for the car. We said we were hoping for $1000 as we had a baby on the way. He said, I won't pay $1000....and that he'd call us the next day if he wanted the car.

We went home feeling pretty defeated..thinking we had this hunk of metal that was just going to go to waste.

The next day....he called. He felt badly about the tube bursting while he was driving at and offered to come replace it. AND...he wanted to make an offer!!! 

We weren't sure what the offer would be, but we would be happy with almost anything at that point.

He came, fixed the pipe, and when we turned on the car, it was STILL spurting!! what we hadn't realized the night before was that the actual radiator itself had a crack in it. 

My thoughts went back to, "Great...Now we won't ever sell it. To the scrap yard he must go."
Seriously though....a radiator is NOT the cheapest thing to replace on a car...and with the other repairs this car needed it basically rendered it "totaled" to anyone wanting to use it for transportation. At that point, we wouldn't be able to sell it to anyone. It truly would have been to a scrap yard.

He then told us it wasn't a big deal because they were going to turn it into a race car!!!! They were only interested in a good transmission! He handed us an envelope with the full $1000 in it and said he's like to buy it! 

Noor and I tried to hide our pure excitement and joy...but it was hard.
What a huge blessing! This poor car, while he served me well for quite a few years, had little to no worth to any regular person looking for something to drive. this ONE buyer....who was building a race had the FULL worth of what we had wanted for the car!

We felt immensely blessed that that buyer found us. We believe the Lord led him to us. He knew we needed that blessing to come through!

And AWESOME is it to know that your first car has been re-incarnated into a race car..that currently holds the 2nd best record for their track in history!!
So neat. 
He had a face only I could was sad to see him go.

Notice the sea bands on my wrists?
Nausea was still in full swing during that time in my pregnancy.