Thursday, April 12, 2012


So...I thought it might be fun to share my
experience with you all.


So, I decide that now(Tuesday) is(was) the time,
after being married a month,
and living off of Tostino's party pizza, Oreos, and bagels,
to actually crack down and feed my husband some real dinner.

So I picked a recipe.
..and picked up the ingredients not currently owned.
Upon boiling the water to make the broccoli, and preparing the meat to be browned, I decide that now would be a good time to get a bowl out for the broccoli.
I mean, I've gotta stay organized..
Fer realls.

Upon opening the cupboard, I feel something fall on me from the ceiling. It took me all of a split second to recall the events of the last 24 hours that would lead to this falling "stuff" from the ceiling, thus realizing the cruel and disgusting reality of what had just happened. I will now divulge those events:

We have termites. Well..our apartment does. And we've known since we moved in, but they were mostly stagnant and we really hardly noticed them at all. Until the night before this cooking adventure of mine. When we noticed another of of their tunnels hanging from the ceiling, and they were working fast. 

Yes. So. This new tunnel of theirs...Well, what USED to be the new tunnel of theirs, was right in the pathway of the cupboard..

..the one I just opened..

..for the bowl...

...for the broccoli..

It WAS in the path of the cupboard,
but it was NOW on my arm,
 and destroyed into dust on the kitchen floor.
Wriggling termites and termite-spit-dust and all.
YIKES. I know.

It was pretty bad. After having a fidget attack and suppressing my gag reflex, I called my Husband, who who coached me through sweeping the little buggers up. That man gives me courage.

That was my "first-time-ever-cooking-for-my-husband" experience..
and also my "first-time-ever-being-attacked-by-nasty-termites-from-my-ceiling" experience,
which conveniently happened back to back.

....But we are now "locked" out of our bowl cupboard once again on the count of the tunnel has come back with a vengeance...

On a less crawly and maggot-like note...

...dinner was a success, and Husband LOVED it...
I love serving that wonderful man :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

..and this is our fairytale.

We are the Sabbahs.
I am Katelin.
And the crazy-handsome man next to me is
my husband, Noor.

6 months ago, we were this:

About 2 months after that, we were this:

Then, a few weeks later, this:

And now, we are this:
Forever so blissfully and beautifully in love.

This blog is dedicated to
our life together as an eternal family.
Come, be a part of our journey!!

We are the Sabbahs...
..and our fairytale is now.