Thursday, May 31, 2012

Honeymoon after the Mini-moon

When Noor and I got married in March, we didn't have much time to take a real honeymoon.
...We took a mini-moon...
 to Scottsdale....
It was great.

 BUT, it was back to school that Monday morning.

Noor graduated and we had almost the entire month of May to do whatever we wanted.
The festivities started with a California trip! 
...Which included Noor's first trip to Disneyland! 

Day 1: Driving, driving, driving...more driving...Beach.

Day 2: Disney Day #1

Day 3: Disney Day#2

Husband is such a goof...but such a handsome goof.

Splash Mountain was definitely the favorite of the trip.

The driver of the Trolley (which I had never ridden on..ever) made us stop to take pictures before getting off .
We got pins that let everyone know we were newlyweds and we got attention ALL day. So Fun.

Noor got a little motion sick on the big roller coaster, but he rode it 3 times anyways!
What courage that man has! 

Honeymoon No.2 was a success! 
Stay tuned for the sequel(s)...
....Adventure Relocation & Honeymoon No.3 : Cozumel.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey Howdy Hey

Only 9 days until my handsome husband and I leave the land of Arizona....
Only 9 days until we start our trek to the our new land...Houston, Texas!

We will say "see ya later" to so many good friends and family...


we will say "Hey Howdy Hey" to so many more new opportunities
to grow and learn together...

We could not be more excited. :)
                            We are loving our life together.


This is us after seeing Wrath of the Titans in 3D.
Yes, it was a bad idea.
No, I would not do it again.
Yes, we DO look wicked hot in our glasses.
No, you will not look as wicked hot in your glasses.
Yes....we love you anyway.