Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ER Escapades.

Noor woke up with some tight chest pains that didn't go away after a few days so we decided to get him checked out. And of course...no urgent care will even look at you once you tell them that your symptoms are chest pain and shortness of breath. They knee jerk you straight to the ER. Not our favorite option, but we had to do something. We then waited the obligatory ER 3 hours to get seen, but we kept busy with Netflix. ( WE LOVE our Netflix. It has saved us on countless could've-died-from-bordem occasions.)

They finally took him back where we waited another few hours in between nurses that would "peek in" but didn't do much but we did get a lot of "Someone will be in with you shortly"...we knew that was only wishful thinking...

But...we waited. A few X-rays and another heart test later they concluded that nothing was wrong
and that he was feeling was "muscle pain".

We were glad to know he was fine, but we wished the muscle pain could have just gone away sooner...before this whole ER escapade.

That is life though. Real life.

You know what else is real life?
The bill AFTER the ER escapade.

We are oh-so-grateful for insurance. :)