His Side

In early 2011, I was going to my usual study spot with couches nearby a classroom.  As I walked by the classroom, I peered inside and saw a girl wearing a pair of pink boots.  Having worked in shoe retail, this caught my attention, but what really caught my attention was the girl.  Not only was she attractive, but I found something special about her.  I tried to get her name once or twice, but I just brushed aside my feelings for the time being.
Six months passed, and I once again saw this girl and knew that I had to get to know her.  As she was sitting by a friend of mine, I took the opportunity to say hi to the friend and (assuming mutual friendship) introduce myself to this special girl.  It worked!  Unfortunately for me, however, I’m terrible with names and quickly forgot again.  Every time I saw her, I avoided her name for as long as I could.  Then one night, a good friend of mine said he was interested in a Katelin Roberts, and I said, “Whoever that is, I won’t ask her out.”  At that moment, something inside me said not to make that promise, and within two days, I knew why.
I was once again sitting in my normal study spot when this lady who I couldn’t help but want to know rounded the corner.  She was crying and on the phone, and I didn’t know why.  Reverting to my “save the day” instincts, I came up to her and offered a hug, which she gratefully accepted.  While she was walking the hallway distraught, however, someone stole her backpack, and with the “save the day” instincts still kicking, I stuck around to help for the rest of the day.  Soon enough, I heard her say her name as she was reporting the stolen object, and I cringed in knowing that she would be more focused on me than my friend (whom I had promised I wouldn’t ask out this Katelin he was interested in).  At this point, I tried to randomly bring up my friend and talk up how wonderful he was, and by the end of the day, I knew I had messed up my promise.
Two days pass, and I’m still thinking about Katelin.  Katelin Roberts.  I was talking with a good friend of mine about her that evening at the temple, and I even wonder if perhaps I might have the good pleasure of seeing her that night on the temple property.  I even considered the cheesy pick-up line I might use just to get a smile (if I happened to see her).  As I walk out the door, not only do I see her, but there she is, sitting on the bench right in front of the doors.  
The first thing I could say was my line, and out it comes!  “Hey, the angels belong in there, not out here.”  I succeeded in getting a smile, and I politely sit down and listen to her story.  When she told me why she was there and how seeing me had part to do with it, I just about melted and cringed at the same time, knowing I wasn’t supposed to ask her out!  But, given the impression that there was a very clear purpose to our being there together, I gave in and asked her if she wanted icecream.  So, out we went to the nearby icecream shop, and we enjoyed just talking for the next hour or two over icecream.  
The next day, I told my friend that if he didn’t ask her out, I would, but I decided to hold true to my promise until he had the chance.  Two weeks go by, and nothing happens.  Although I couldn’t ask her out, I didn’t stop thinking about her and soon found myself finding every opportunity to spend time with her (but not ask her out!).  At the end of 2 weeks, my friend called me (having been tipped off to my desire to ask Katelin out by a mutual friend) and said, “Don’t even worry about it!  Just ask her out!”  I must have asked if he was sure five or six times before I’d finally accept it, and the next day, I ask her to join me for a night hike!
Now, I was a very slow mover (which Katelin already knew), but the day after our first date, we spent more time together back at the temple, and I asked her out again, this time to go dancing the next weekend (and a movie party with a group of friends before dancing).  During that movie was the first time I finally held her hand, but that night (after swing dancing), I still didn’t kiss her.  The next day, though, we spent most of   the day together, and that night at her doorstep, I just knew the time was right.  So, I held her in my arms and said, “I’m going to kiss you now.”  Her big smile gave the approval I needed, and so began the best relationship of my life.
It didn’t take long to know that this girl was truly special.  I not only found her attractive, but smart, funny, adventurous and completely loving.  For the first time, I didn’t feel like I was on the back burner to something more important; she made me feel like her number one.  She would sit with me for hours in the library while I tried to finish homework, and I was so grateful for her company.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this wonderful lady, and by Thanksgiving (6 weeks into the relationship), I knew I wanted to marry her.  We had the opportunity to talk about it as we were on vacation with her family for the long weekend, all starting with my question to her, “So what kind of ring do you want?”
December 21st, 2011, Katelin and I hiked to the top of a peak on the same trail our first date was, and there I asked her to marry me.