Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is it technically camping if you wake up in your own bed?

On Friday, Noor decided to come home early for work and go on an impromptu camping adventure..
And that's exactly what we did!

We packed up our stuff..
picked up some appropriate campfire foods..
(you know...marshmallows, hotdogs, chili,...startbursts...pudding? Yep. That too.)
and drove the 1.5 hours to the Sam Houston National Forest that was actually more like more than 2 hours because traffic in Houston is Ra-Dic. 
(allllll the time..not just during rush hour)

The forrest was absolutely beautiful.
It smelled wonderful.
And the air on our faces as we drove the windy road tasted of pure refreshing bliss.
It felt like I hand't breathed real air for the last 6 months.

We set up camp.

We went on a hike..walk...bushwahck through the forrest trying to find the lake that our trusty iPhones said was there. We hiked..walked..bushwhacked until our maps said we were standing right in the middle of it...If we didn't know any better..we'd think our maps were wrong or something.

Nearing the end of our hiking..walking..bushwhacking adventure
 we came across this little massive fellow. 

Well actually..we encountered quite a few fellows of these particular general specimen
  (*cough* spiders *cough*)
however..I almost ALWAYS missed them. I walked right by them and then I'd hear Husband say, "Whoa! look at this! And I'd turn around and BAM! Massive spider nest..RIGHT behind me..I can't believe I didn't walk right into it. I say nest because some of them were way beyond the category of just a "web". I am really surprised I didn't end up with at least one spider laying eggs in my hair. 

I then ate a bunch of junk food while sitting next to the campfire that Husband made, cuddled up with him, and reminisced with him about our first campfire experience just 1 year ago.

Then we went to bed and tried to sleep. 
Tried being the key word. 
It turns out...the ground is hard.
We tossed and turned.
My nose was stuffy.

And anytime I started to fall asleep with my mouth open 
(because my nose was currently incapable of air trafficking) 
I would be woken up my some mental message that said:


So ya..wash, rinse and repeat.
Then, it is 2 am, and I give up trying to sleep. I open a game on my phone.
Not 20 seconds later, Noor sits up and we mutually decide it is time to pack it up.

So we did. We packed up our tent, put the fire out, repacked the car, and we left.
We drove the 1.5hour trek home..that was really more like 2 hours because we were dead tired and we wanted to make it home in one single, un-burnt, and not-in-any-other-way-injured, piece.

We showered and crawled into our comfy bed that resembles the ground in no way at all.
Beautiful sleep came over us. 
Our camping adventure was over.
It was fun...but being home in our own comfy not-gound-like bed was better.

Oh!!!..and we found this thing.
We don't know what it is.

We think it may be an poison alien life form...

...that grows on the tree that is directly above it...

Go figure.

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