Monday, October 29, 2012

Noor is Twenty-Foor

Noor is 24!!
I found this jacket MONTHS ago and saved it for his birthday.
I could hardly wait to give it to him. It is just SO him! 

He had to work on his birthday
so we celebrated after 5pm...even though the majority of our well intended plans fell through.

Dinner at Red Lobster was the first on the list.

Our plan was to then go to the Drive-In movie. But alas, it was raining.

So we altered our course to porch/balcony-side movie with extra blankets and sleeping bags.
That plan failed before we even began on the count of it was FREEZING.

We decided a fort in the living room with a movie and plenty of junk food was just the ticket.
And it was.

We didn't make a cake either. (To be read, I didn't make a cake) But we did have a couple of cupcakes. We didn't have candles either. Big kids don't need candles...right? Wrong. We should have bought candles. But then again..I didn't even make a cake. The thing is..we DID have candles...just not "birthday" candles....and none of mine would fit on a cupcake. BUT..what I did have was a really cool candle I had ordered from Gold Canyon..specifically with Noor in mind. It has a wooden wick in it that makes the candle crackle as it burns. Those who know Noor at ALL know he LOVES campfires. So ya..I whipped that out and he blew that out instead.

It was a quirky birthday, but it was fun.

The next day was a Saturday so we decided to continue the celebrations at the Houston Zoo. all of our other birthday plans...that fell through too. However, it wasn't until we drove the 25 minutes into dead-center-downtown-Houston that we realized our plans would fail again.

They died as quickly and without warning as our car did.

Yep. My good ol' trusty Mr. Sir car had died...which is a story for another post.
But after all was said and done, our day was gone. Noor's birthday weekend was over..and while it didn't go according to plan, we loved having a special occasion to celebrate together. :)

I couldn't ask for a better man to adventure through lives quirkiness with. 
I am truly blessed to call him mine. <3

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