Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Home: Texas Style

We love our home here in Texas. 
It is far away from the ones we love...but at least we feel at home.

When we first arrived in Texas and were walking into every apartment complex that had walls, none had given us such a feeling of peace as this place did. After searching and driving and being disappointed for a significant part of the day, we drove up to one that felt different. 

Before we even got out of the car, I looked over at Noor and said, 

"I have a good feeling about this one..a REALLY good feeling." 

He looked at me and said, 

"Me too."

So we walked in...already feeling peace.

We toured.

...And the moments we spent in the unit were just..pure.
For another moment yet again, this move to Texas felt inspired...divine.
It was such a sweet moment to have the Spirit testify to us in our home...before it was even ours.
We knew this one the one.
We prayed about it and signed the lease that afternoon.
It isn't much..but it is ours.

This is our
Colorful-One-Bedroom-One-Bathroom-Brand-New-Carpet-Walls-That-Aren't-White, Dark-Textured-Wood-Floors-And-A-Little-Crown-Molding Castle

...that we love.

This is my favorite room in the house. It makes me happy.

The bunting is one of my favorite was hung at our reception.

That napkin holder is also my fave. IKEA. $4. 

This poor dining has yet to be put together. Hopefully when
 I actually FINISH that project, I'll remember to post about it ;)

I love this rug. Target. LOVE Gift Cards.

I  made that jar. BAM.
I used something college gave me...besides empty wallet trauma.
Our bedroom is currently in shambles due to the 3 piles of laundry needing to be put away (did I just admit that?), we  I never fully unpacked/put away the clothes from our last trip, and we have extra wedding presents that will soon be posted to craigslist because they didn't have a receipt and seriously...who needs 2 waffle irons...?  I also never really got around to putting that room together...
ANOTHER project to post on another day.

(PS: Sorry for some of the dark iPhone decided to not take pretty pictures anymore. "Only ugly pictures for you, Katie!," She said. I retook some of them. You'd best be grateful.)

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  1. Your home is so cute! Love that yellow rug and blue shower curtain. Seeing these pictures brings back memories from when Wendel and I were first married. I'm glad you're liking Texas.